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The Father's Heart for You 1-3-23

I am the Lord, your God.

I go before you now.

I stand beside you.

I'm all around you.

Though you feel I'm far away,

I am closer than your breath.

I am with you

Wherever you go.

I am the Lord, your peace.

No evil will conquer you

Steady now your heart and mind.

Come into my rest

Oh, let your faith arise

Lift up your weary head

I am with you

Wherever you go

So come to me, 'cause I'm all you need.

Come to me, I'm everything

Come to me, "I'm all you need

Come to me I'm your everything

I am your anchor in the wind and the waves

And I am your steadfast, so don't be afraid

Though your heart and flesh may fail you

I'm your faithful strength

I am with you wherever you go

Lyrics: Brian and Jenn Johnson

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