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Our Faith Journey (Part 7): Book of Miracles

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

God is faithful and continues to answer more prayer. We began to see many miracles in our lives! Read Our Faith Journey from the beginning here, or catch part 6 here.

A new door had opened.


Things that were once impossible, were now becoming ordinary, everyday occurrences.

We had a new mindset. We knew what we had in Christ. We saw God heal Jason's leg. We saw God heal Kate's peanut allergy. God is FOR us. He LOVES us. He is the perfect parent! Of course he wants the best for His children!

In 2 Corinthians 18-21 the apostle Paul writes,

"But as God is faithful, our word to you was not Yes and No. For the Son of God , Jesus Christ, who was preached among you by us...was not Yes and No, but in Him was Yes. For all the promises of God in Him (Christ) are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us."

All God's promises are Yes and Amen. It is for HIS GLORY to say YES and work through us!!!!

Sickness, death, poverty, evil.....are not for God's glory. (But that's another post)

We knew that if God promised it in His Word, then the answer would be YES. And we prayed accordingly.

We were learning to take authority over our bodies. After the Yates prayed for Jason, and his leg lengthened, he was pain free for about two weeks. But we all know that the kind of outdoor work that Jason does is bound to put him out of whack. And that's what had happened.

One night, Jason's back began to hurt again. We were having some "intense fellowship," which actually means we were arguing!

We were laying in bed. He mentioned His back hurting.

"Can you pray for my back?" he asked.

"No, you can pray for your own back. You know what the Bible says." I was not going to give in! (Pride!)

"Just touch my back. Can you just touch it?"


I laid my hand on his lower back for a few minutes. Then took my hand off to adjust.

"Woah, put it back!"

I put my hand back on his lower back.

"The pain stopped when your hand was on my back. Then it came back when you took your hand off."

What the WHAT? Was he joking with me?

I know this is weird. I am nobody special. Look at my horrible attitude! We were arguing! I was being so prideful!

And YET, God's promises are still YES.

He wants us to receive healing. Even when we don't feel like it. Even when we are in sin.

Why would He do this? What is He trying to show me?

That's just it.

He was showing me that it's NOT ABOUT ME.

It's not about how righteous we feel or how many good deeds we have done.

It's about HIS righteousness.

"He became sin, who knew no sin, that we might become His righteousness." (2 Corinthians 5:21)

I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.


It humbled me immediately. We apologized to each other and prayed together over his back, and then.....let's just say Jason didn't have any more back problems that night!! (wink, wink!)

We began to see God answer our prayers right and left. There were so many things that happened, that Sheri suggested we write them all down, to remember what God has done.

Our "Book of Miracles," we called it.

July 2011

  • Jason's first miracle! Leg lengthened, back healed of pain

  • Began to pray over even little things, like headaches

August 2011

  • Taking authority over headaches completely

  • Jason's truck wouldn't start. He prayed and then it started!

September 2011

  • Spilled boiling water on my thumb. Prayed over it. Spoke to it and it was healed. No blister, no pain, no burn. Didn't even need cream or oils.

October 2011

  • The Yates came and visited our church one Sunday. They prayed for Tina and Steve to both be healed of diabetes. For the next four weeks, their numbers kept going down, down, down, until they no longer needed insulin!! They were healed!

  • They also prayed for Amber, and she was healed of all symptoms of Lyme Disease.

  • Brent, a kid in the youth group, came to church on crutches with a temporary cast. He had hurt his lower leg and the x-rays said it was broken. He would be out of football the rest of the year. Jason asked him, "Do you think God wants you to have a broken leg?" He says no. "Do you believe God wants to heal your leg?" "Yes, I do." "Then, let's pray!" Brent said his leg quit hurting that night. The next week, Brent came back without crutches, without a cast. The doctor gave him the all clear after taking a second set of x-rays, because he couldn't find a break!

  • Our son, Will, ran into something with his toe. It looked broken and was incredibly painful. He prayed over it himself, and the pain went away! Toes weren't broken or even jammed.

  • Our daughter, Kate, was 18 months old. She had croup and trouble breathing. I rebuked the croup and she instantly breathed better. It was gone!

November 2011

  • Will rolled his ankle. We prayed. Was completely healed of pain in just a few minutes.

  • Kate had a fever. I would pray over her, and it would go down in about 15 minutes, then kept returning. It did this several times. I kept rebuking it and praying over her until the fever left completely. No meds!

  • At Andrew Wommack conference. I went down for prayer and a Charis student prayed for my knee pain. He had me sit on the floor and he told my spine and back to come into alignment. My knee swooped out, and then both legs were even. Knee pain gone!

December 2011

  • Michelle from church asked me to pray for her daughter, who had allergies and was sick from a cough. She was healed and running around the church a couple hours later.

  • Michelle also needed her insurance to come through for her daughter's adenoid surgery. We prayed for that also, and it came through!

January 2012

  • Kate had another fever and an infection. I rebuked it, and it left.

  • Will heard scary footsteps and talking in his room. We prayed together, rebuked fear and any evil, and he slept soundly.

February 2012

  • Jason rebuked my fear (can't remember why I was afraid). I felt instant calm and peace.

  • Will sliced his foot open climbing on a cabinet. He cut the muscle tissue and we could see bone. We commanded the bleeding to stop. HE prayed over it too! and Jesus healed it!

March 2012

  • We begin to pray over every illness in our family at first symptoms, and the sicknesses stop before they start.

  • Jillian from church had itchy eyes and allergies. We pray, and she is fine and clear in a few minutes.

April 2012

  • Will asked Jesus in his heart! He whispered to me, "I asked Jesus in my heart. Jesus gave me a new heart!"

  • Kate was battling a fever. We were to leave on an anniversary trip the next day. We decided to rebuke the sickness, and keep our plans. The next day, she still had fever and threw up that morning. We kept praying for her. By the time we got to grandma's house, she was fever free, fine. Had no problems while at Grandma's.

  • A friend was going through some personal problems. My friend and I began to seriously pray over her and "bind and loose" in the Spirit (Matt 18:18). We saw God answer our prayers for her within one week.

  • My friend Mary came to Jesus. She found freedom and hope and forgiveness in Christ and His word!

  • Will heard "the bad guys telling him to be afraid" to jump off the jungle gym. He rebuked them in Jesus' name, and the fear left!

May 2012

  • Kate healed of peanut allergy!

  • Something went wrong with our HVAC unit in our house. We didn't have the money to fix it at the time, but we had Jesus. Jason prayed over that sucker, and it still worked 3 years later when we sold the house!

  • Kate sprayed Windex in her mouth. I prayed over her, rebuked any poison, and she didn't get sick.

  • Michelle's foot was healed at Walmart!

  • Baby Hadley was born with NO FLUID or kidney problems! Praise Jesus!

June 2012

  • Sandy healed of RA- no pains or aches!

  • Christina's stomach pain gone!

  • God healed Mary's spider bite!

  • 3/4 inch gash in my finger, cut to the bone, wound closed up and stopped bleeding!

  • Angel's back and neck aligned, pain gone!

  • Phyllis' knee--infection gone! pain, soreness and inflammation gone!

July 2012

  • God healed Brent of alcohol addiction and he is embracing God's love!

  • Will busted his eyebrow open when he fell off a slide. Jason held the wound together with his fingers, spoke to it, then the bleeding stopped and wound closed. Completely healed within one week. No stitches, no ER visit!

We learned so much in that year with the Yates. Our first year, operating with a more complete revelation of God's love. We were unstoppable. I'm so glad we wrote down everything that God did that year. Looking back, we sure got a lot of Yeses!

All things are possible to those who believe.

His promises are in His Word.

His blessings are in His Word.

God's will IS His Word.

When we pray to receive His promises, His answer, His will, is always YES. It's just a matter of knowing Him, and believing Him, to be able to receive them.

In Matthew 19:14 Jesus says,

"Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

Sure felt like heaven on earth that year.

How blessed are we to be the children of God?


To read the next chapter, Part 8, Unbelief is a Killer, click here.

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