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Let them play

In our city in CO, the playgrounds have been taped off since March 17th.

The sign posted on one of the poles says, "Closed for 30 days or until otherwise posted."

Well, it's been 60 days now, and ain’t nobody come and changed that sign, and the tape is still up. Kinda.

Thankfully, some hoodlums (I call them American heroes) have taken upon themselves to rip down the tape and play anyway. I’ve just seen this since the second week of May or so.

Yesterday, my girls and I were out for a walk, and saw from a distance some kids playing on the playground.

I said, “girls, look!“ and they all screamed, “YAY! We can play!“ and we ran over there as fast as we could.

Well, the tape was still on some of the equipment, but largely ripped off. The sign was still posted, but outdated. So, I thought "Screw this, we’re playing on this dang playground!" And we had a jolly time! Man, did we miss those swings!

So I get back home and jokingly bragged to my teenage son that we played on the playground. I felt like a little reckless teenager myself. So I guess he seemed to think it was no big deal when he and his friend are walking through the park later that day and stop to swing on the swings.

When they were walking up to the swing, they saw a man posted up on his back porch, just waiting to catch some mean, naughty kids on the playground.

The man, who was not wearing a mask, walked over to them and said, “You kids aren’t supposed to be playing on this playground.” My son’s friend happened to be doing what middle school kids do...he was messing with the tape and had pulled some off. Now, they were not the ones that ripped the tape initially. But, perhaps that neighbor thought they were, I don’t know.

Our "concerned" neighbor proceeds to tell my son’s friend that he has to tie that particular piece back on. Let me remind you that all the of the caution tape on that playground had been ripped apart and was flapping in the wind.

Our neighbor, still not wearing a mask, also tells them how he was in good with the police, so he better not see them playing on the playground.

So, they respectfully do what the man asked, and left the playground.

I know my son, and his friend, and they are not the rebellious kind of kids. They are mostly quiet, respectful of authority, and pretty mature for their age.

I was quite proud of him and told him so.

I told him I admired him for being respectful to this man, as we should be respectful to our elders and those in authority. Even when we don’t agree with them. Even when the rules are stupid. Even when said elder doesn't follow the rules himself. Even when the rules they enforce actually infringe on our rights and freedoms......

Wait. What? What am I saying?

I could feel something inside me rising up. My inner American Patriot. Something in my Spirit (and in my flesh) started saying "NO! This is not right!!"

Oh, my mama bear started coming out, y’all!

I told my son he should have been glad I wasn't there because me and Mr. Nosy Neighbor were about to go round and round!

I would have told Mr. Nosy Neighbor to shove it and unless he wants to go back and put on a mask then he has no business telling us what to do.

As if he was going to play on the playground too! Sheesh.

What is COVID doing to us, ya'll?

Who are we becoming?

This is not me. I am not one to want to buck the system and break the rules. My written bark is certainly worse than my bite. I've been taught to respect authority. But what about when the rules and the systems DON'T MAKE SENSE?

It hit me when I realized that we could go to the grocery store. We could go to Home Depot, we can go to the liquor store, and even the abortion clinic. But we are NOT allowed to go to church?

What? WHO is making up all these rules?

WHO is saying what is safe and what isn't? Clearly, when it's safe to go kill my unborn child in the womb, but it's not safe to go to church, that is where I draw the line.

I refuse to wear a mask.

My kids WILL use the playground.

I will NOT obey nonsensical laws that infringe on my rights as a citizen of the U.S.A.!

And I'm going to attend a church service that is bold enough to be open!

Who is with me?

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I'm WITH YOU! Yesterday, I listened to Truth & Liberty from Memorial Day. Richard Harris & Karen Conrad interviewed Pastor Steven Cassell of The Beloved Church in Illinois. WOW! Let's ROLL!!!!


Janet Selman
Janet Selman
May 23, 2020

Warning: It may be that Willeford blood coursing through your veins! LOL! It is so hard to follow rules that don't make sense. This time in our history is unbelievable! You just don't know what to do. All I can say is "let the Spirit lead you." You are loved!


Amen! I'm with you!! Our church, in preparation for worshipping in person together, took the Bibles out of the pews in the sanctuary. I have been beyond grieved by this decision, and have made it known to the right people. There is a much bigger underground spiritual battle afoot.

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